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Hive is an Alternating Proprietorship operating out of Grey Sail in Westerly, Rhode Island. All beer and merch can be purchased online and picked up during regular Grey Sail hours.

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The idea of Hive was first dreamt up in 2008. We've always loved quirky dive bars with sneaky good food. Local watering holes that serve as the de facto community hub. We wanted to create one of our own that served up our two favorite things; fresh house-made brews and some bangin' pizza. We've even discussed having an on-premise bowling alley...

We're not quite there just yet, but thanks to our good friends at Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island, we are able to get a little start in realizing our dream by renting out their three barrel pilot system. While it may not be exactly what we had in mind all those years ago, we will use this time to learn and grow with the hopes to have a Hive to call our own one day.

We have also made it part of our mission to help save our planet by donating 1% of our gross sales towards honey bee conservation efforts and research. You can learn more about that here.



We believe the best beers are those which you don't have to think about and always leave you wanting another. We're big fans of simple, non-fancy beer. While gummy worm sours and barrel-aged lasagna stouts can be fun from time-to-time, that's not really our jam. You can expect to see us churning out plenty of well-executed "boring" styles (think Mexican lager, Kölsch, Brown ale) and balanced, wonderfully aromatic hoppy beer.

Through our travels both domestically and abroad, we've gained an enormous appreciation for the wide variety of fabulous beer cultures. We use traditional German brewing techniques as a guiding compass, but with a background in physics and engineering, we're constantly studying the latest research and tinkering with new methods and products to make the best beer possible.

As a (currently) three barrel part-time operation, it's hard to have a "flagship" beer so-to-speak, but our focus right now is to perfect a handful of core brands while still allowing ourselves to play around with some fun (potential) one-offs here and there.

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Pollination by honeybees is responsible for about one third of the foods in our diet. Many of the nuts, berries, fruits, vegetables and spices we use daily depend on honeybees for reproduction.

Imagine a world where things like coffee, blueberries and almonds were far more expensive and harder to come by. A world without these things would suck.

And honey. Let's not forget honey.

There are a number of things threatening honeybees - pesticides, pathogens, poor nutrition and most importantly, the varroa mite. These parasites both weaken the bee as well as transmit disease.

Hive has partnered with researchers at The University of Rhode Island who are actively working on developing safe and effective compounds to mitigate the destruction caused by the varroa mite. Check out their work here.

We will be donating 1% of total gross sales to their research to help out our little friends.

Drink a beer. Save a bee.